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Meetups in November 2022

Sun. 13 & 27

11:00 (UTC+1)

This start time applies to Central Europe.

For other regions around the world, please check 

this calendar.

The start time will be displayed there in your local time.



Oshaberi IZAKAYA is an online community for all those who are learning Japanese and want to improve their oral skills by enjoying "oshaberi" which means "chatting".


Regardless of Japanese level, age, country, mother tongue, etc., anyone can join the meetups for free. 

Meetups are organized and accompanied by Izumi, a Japanese teacher living in Switzerland. 


At Oshaberi IZAKAYA you can meet people from different cultures but with the same interest:


Learning Japanese in interactive exchange and with fun! 

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What we do in a meetup

  • Check-in (10 min.)

  • Conversations in small groups (3-4 people) and all together in alternation (45 min.)

  • Check-out (5 min.) 


How to join

Please fill out the registration form and send it. You will get the access information by e-mail. The URL applies to all meetups.


If you don't get an answer within 3 days, please write us an e-mail.


We use the ZOOM videoconferencing system. If you need technical help, just contact us in advance.


Planning / Host


Izumi Ise


Being a Japanese teacher and from her own experience Izumi is convinced that learning foreign languages works best in real conversational situations. For all those who do not have the opportunity to speak Japanese in their everyday life, she has been offering regular online conversations since 2017.


Izumi was born and raised in Sendai, Japan, and has been living in Switzerland since 1989. She runs the small private Japanese school "Atelier NIHONGO" in Basel and Geneva.

ところで 居酒屋って?
By the way: What is an Izakaya?​

An Izakaya is a kind of Japanese pub, where friends and colleagues meet in the evening for drinking, eating and for "oshaberi".


Our virtual IZAKAYA is just as cozy and fun with a drink or cup of tea in front of the screen!