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Oshaberi IZAKAYA


Oshaberi IZAKAYA is an online community for Japanese learners from all over the world. If you are interested in improving your oral skills by enjoying "oshaberi" which means "chatting", you are welcome!

The Meetups take place 5-7 times a month via ZOOM and are moderated by a Japanese teacher living in Switzerland. You can participate at any time for free.

At the Meetups you get to know people with different cultural backgrounds and life experiences. But all have a same interest: learning Japanese in an interactive exchange and sharing a good time together!

Of course, native Japanese speakers are also very welcome! 







What level is required?

In order to participate in a conversation, it is needed to have the ability to ask and answer simple questions. If you have already completed the level A1 or JLPT 5, oder you can talk about things like favorite foods, daily activities, hobbies, holidays, etc., you can probably join in the conversation without stress.

Normally we only use Japanese at the Meetups. However, if you have trouble understanding something important, the host can assist you in English, German or French.


If you are not sure, just come and see if the level suit you.






What we do in a meetup

A meetup lasts 60 minutes and is structured as follows:

  • Say hello and self introduction (10 min.)

  • Conversations in small groups of 2-4 people and all together in alternation (45 min. in total)

  • Closing (5 min.) 


If we have less than 3 participants, we stay all the time in a room. 



  • 挨拶と自己紹介 (10分)

  • 参加者全員での会話と、ブレイクアウトルームに分かれての2〜4人での会話を交互に(トータルで45分)

  • クロージング(5分)



How to join

We use the ZOOM video conference system. (If you need technical support, please check here.)



  • Select a date from the calendar below and click on it.

  • The registration link will be displayed. Please click on it and fill out the registration form.

  • The individual ZOOM link for participation will be sent to you immediately by email.

  • You will get a reminder with the participation link 15 minutes before the meetup starts.


​The link is different each time, please re-register for each meetup. If you can't attend, you don't need to tell us your absence. If a meeting is cancelled from our side, you will get an email notification from us.


ビデオチャットツール ZOOMを使います。(使い方についてサポートが必要な方はこちらをご覧ください)


  • 下のカレンダーから、参加したい日を選んでクリックします。

  • 申し込みフォームのリンクが表示されるので、クリックして必要事項を記入して送信してください。

  • 参加のためのZOOMリンクが、すぐにメールで送られます。

  • 開始15分前に、参加リンクを含むリマインダーメルが届きます。



Start times should automatically display in your region's time. If not, please select your country by clicking "Time zone: GMT" on the top left of the calendar.

GMT +02:00 or +1:00 is Central European Time.


開始時間は、お住いの地域の時間で​表示されているはずです。もしそうでない場合は、カレンダーの左上の「Time zone: GMT」のところから、お住いの国を選んでください。

GMT +02:00 あるいは +01:00 は、中央ヨーロッパ時間です。

Host: Izumi Ise


I was born and raised in Sendai, Japan and moved to Switzerland when I was 25 years old. 

Being a Japanese teacher and from my own experience, I am convinced that language acquisition is best supported in personal and context-related situations. For all those who do not have the opportunity to speak Japanese in their daily life, I started to offer IZAKAYA meetups in 2017. 

People use languages because they want to tell about themselves and want to know about others. It is a great joy to be understood and to understand. I hope that IZAKAYA will contribute to this joy of communication and to create more peaceful connection between people in the world!

ホスト: 伊勢 泉





By the way:
What is an Izakaya?​

An Izakaya is a kind of Japanese pub, where friends and colleagues meet in the evening for drinking, eating and for "oshaberi".


Our virtual IZAKAYA is just as cozy and fun with a drink or cup of tea in front of the screen!






Participants' voices

An Izakaya is a kind of Japanese pub, where friends and colleagues meet in the evening for drinking, eating and for "oshaberi".


Our virtual IZAKAYA is just as cozy and fun with a drink or cup of tea in front of the screen!