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Meetups in October 🌸

Do you know the flower above which is called cosmos? It looks like a cherry blossom, but it is an autumn flower. In Kanji, it is written as 秋桜, which means autumn cherry blossom. In September and October pink and white cosmos bloom all over Japan.

コスモスという花を知っていますか? 春に咲く桜の花のようですが、秋の花です。漢字では「秋桜」と書きます。「秋の桜」という意味です。日本では、9月と10月に、ピンクや白のコスモスがきれいに咲きます。

This timetable applies to Central Europe. For other regions worldwide you can calculate the start time by clicking: Please enter "Basel" or "Geneva" in the box, select the date and start time (11:00 or 20:00). Add the name of your city. It is important to enter the correct date as daylight saving time ends on the 30th October in Central Europe!!!


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